About Us
We are a talented and committed group of educational leaders determined to provide the finest STEM education available today. Our mission is to prepare our students to compete and excel in a STEM global workforce.
The historic Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy which opened its doors for the first time for students in 2008 has prepared hundreds of students to excel in an academic rich environment. The Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy has a community oriented focus. Members of the community, or McNair Subject Matter Experts, facilitate class discussions and activities related to the standards/content taught in class. As a means of promoting community, the school is divided into six Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

School Colors: Red, Black, and Gray

School Mascot: Thoroughbreds

Enrollment: 920

PTA President: Sam Bryant

Principal: Brian Bolden, Ed.D.
The Vision of Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy is to become and internationally recognized school of excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  
The values that are exhibited at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy are:
  • Active Engagement (Community, Students, and Leaders)
  • Respect For All Stakeholders
  • On-going Communication and Feedback
  • Rigorous Curriculum
  • On-going Professional and Parental Learning
  • Positive Relationships 
Our Visionary the Late Dr. Ronald E. McNair


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