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Why is accreditation important?
Accreditation is a tool utilized today to demonstrate educational quality. Accreditation is used to certify a multitude of educational programs. STEM education is one of the many areas that certification can be acquired. Accreditation provides schools with the tools and know-how to ensure students are college-and career-ready.
What does accreditation mean?
Accreditation is a means of ensuring the education being provided is at the highest quality and prepares students for college and their careers. AdvancEd also provides valuable resources and tools that provide answers to these questions and more. A school that is supported by AdvancEd can better identify and implement strategies for improvement giving parents peace of mind about the education your school is being provided. Accreditation is a quality control tool to ensure the best education for all students.
Kimberly Bryant, Founder of Black Girls Code


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Coding Lab

Why coding for our students?

Coding is the teaching of the languages that are used to program computers. Not just computers but all digital devices use codes (for example: gaming devices, computer games (Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo), watches, cell phones, health monitors (such as fitbits).  By exposing our students to coding, it is our hope that they gain an understanding of programming and the computer sciences. The STEM Academy classes at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy participate in coding experiences for at least an hour a week. The students utilize the website www.code.org as a means to learn simple coding languages. After participating in a number of lessons on code.org students utilize their learning on https://scratch.mit.edu/ . The students can complete coding activities that can support their learning or present material from their learning in a new way.

Science Lab

The Science lab is the location where students get to experience science hands-on. The students get to utilize scientific equipment and work in an environment where exploration is exciting and part of the learning process. In the science lab the students have the opportunity to make observations, participate in demonstrations from teachers and business partners, and participate in Skype conversations with experts in the field. Our lab houses a wealth of science tools and animals to expand the learning opportunity of the students.


The STEM Academy students utilize the life science standards and most Math measurement standards in caring for and learning about the aquaponics lab. This is the first year of the aquaponics lab. The students are learning about the importance of such new and innovative ways to farm. As the number of people increase in the world, the amount of viable land for farming is decreasing. This decrease is due to pollution, urban sprawl, and planting habitats.  As the students become more conscious about this global concern; they also learn about agriculture and horticulture.

Articles about Aquaponics:
Our Partner in Aquaponics in Milad, India


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STEM Fairs and Competitions
Our students are also expected to compete in t STEM competitions. Our students have competed in the following competitions and fairs yearly: science fair, spelling bee, technology fair, FLL Robotics Competition, and SeaPerch Competition. This year we will be adding the Science Olympiad to our competition and fair schedule. All students that participate in these fairs and competitions will need to put in additional work outside of the classroom; this may also require that the students stay after school. The dates and times for scheduled supervised support will be provided to parents in a timely manner. When students stay after to work on their projects it is our expectation that students will be picked up in a timely manner.
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General STEM Supply List
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