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Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy

Dekalb County Schools

School Counselors' Corner

School Counselors' Corner

school counseling

John Gaither, Grades PK-2   
Dia Harden, Grades 3-5

Welcome back MDLA Family! We are very excited to work with you this school year! The school counseling department at McNair Discovery Learning Academy works in collaboration with families, school staff, and the community to ensure that students meet their full potential by providing a comprehensive program that addresses the personal/social, academic, and career development needs of all students. We see and believe in the greatness in our students. We see our role as one that empowers students to tap into that greatness and to stay the course even when things are difficult. We do this by ensuring that our school environment is conducive to learning and by equipping students and families with the resources needed to have full access to the opportunities that are available.

 As professional school counselors we:


= Design and implement programs and services that focus on meeting the needs of all students


= Provide student-centered classroom guidance lessons that are focused on teaching  character education, social skills, careers paths, study skills, test taking skills, and other important skills that students need in order to be successful in school and life


= Conduct small group lessons based on the needs of students


= Provide support for teachers so that they can meet the needs of students in the classroom


= Consult with parents to provide support for student success


= Collaborate with community agencies to provide assistance to McNair students and families


Learning Together, Full STEM Ahead!